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Lily and the Queen's Legacy

Story time with the Happy Juice Chick

Once upon a time, a progressive village had a tradition of celebrating mental awareness every spring as hopes and dreams were emerging after dreary winters. It was called the Happy Juice Party, where people would gather and share their stories on how they maintained mental wellness for positivity, productivity, and prosperity.

One year, a young woman named Lily missed the party because of chores, obligations, troubling ledgers, and not feeling very sociable. She heard from her friends how amazing the party was and how they won prizes for sharing their experiences. Lily felt disappointed realizing she missed an opportunity to learn about self-care and how being mindful of it could reshape her life and the prosperity of her herb and flower farm.

Lily decided to seek out the wisest person in the village to learn more about mental self-care. She went into town and found a shop that her friend Emily had told her about, and met Nelea who was also known as the Happy Juice Chick. Nelea told her the story of a great queen who had once struggled with balance in running a kingdom, supporting her health, and nurturing her family.

The Queen with many responsibilities was starting to feel overwhelmed with self-doubt, feelings of stress and anxiousness, moodiness, sleepless nights, unexplained bloating and weight gain, brain fog, and low energy. She was hiding feelings of helplessness and hopelessness from the King, the court, and the land. Until. She had counsel with the Happy Juice Chick who taught her the value of mindfulness, true self-care, and the benefits of three powders to drink daily in water. The Queen learned to take care of her physical health more holistically, nourish her body with nutrition, and her mind and heart with positive thoughts and purpose. She eventually felt more motivated, became stronger and more resilient than ever before – even strengthened and added great wealth to her personal private lands and properties.

Lily realized that mental fitness is a journey that required dedication and self-awareness, being able to pivot, learn and grow. She thanked the Happy Juice Chick for the powerful story of the Queen's legacy and made a commitment to take better care of her mental, emotional, and physical health.

Lily vowed to practice mindfulness and self-care every day. She started journaling, creating goals for the bigger vision of her herb and flower farm, mixing her happy juice powders every morning, going on walks, and taking breaks to recharge when she felt overwhelmed. And so it was that she realized there was more to the spring party than winning prizes, it was about making a conscious decision to prioritize one’s well-being with the help of community and friends.

The next spring when the Happy Juice Party came around, she was in a much better place physically, emotionally, and mentally. She shared her own journey of self-discovery, gratitude, and the prosperity of her farm with others. She became a trusted mental self-care advocate in the village, inspiring others to prioritize their mental health and to journey towards greater wellbeing. And she knew she had the Happy Juice Chick’s powerful story of the Queen's legacy to share and thank for it all.


Nelea R. Lane, CMWC The Happy Juice Chick

Founder Legacy Wellness Entrepreneurs

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