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I've been thinking! How many solopreneurs and social marketers are burned out, afraid to be happy, don't feel we deserve to be happy, have run out of happy, or are pretending we are? Heavy questions, right?

Happiness isn't something that just happens to us. We all have the power to make changes in our habits, diets, wellness choices, and our relationships with ourselves and others that help us be more and do more from a happy place.

When we feel open to improvement, are motivated, energized, less moody, less anxious, powered with positive thought, more clear-headed, and are more active, there's so much more happiness and success to experience everyday. To me, that all starts with better mental fitness and mental wellness so we can break free and gain financial influence with an improved mindset while also supporting the body. 

Welcome to the Happy Juice Chick, where we raise our happy score everyday.

Nelea Lane

The Happy Juice Chick

Founder Legacy Wellness Entrepreneurs


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