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Welcome to The Happy Juice Chick. I'm Nelea and I'm here to help you create a better life, one that's filled with more joy, clarity, and balance. As a Certified Mental Wellness Coach, I specialize in helping solopreneurs and social marketers create work-life balance and raise their happiness levels through improved mental fitness and wellness. My passion is to help you break free from any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from achieving financial influence, better wellness, and true success. Together, we'll create a customized "happy" plan to help you reach your goals and live the life you dream of.

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Happy Juice at $10 off

The 21st century can be a challenging time, and with its stresses and strains, it can be difficult to keep your mental wellness in balance while growing your business and the demands of home. Taking the necessary steps to manage your stress and bring back a sense of mental harmony is hugely important for both your mind and body. That's why as a Certified Mental Wellness Coach, I most often recommend Happy Juice to help people feel their best by working from the inside out -- starting with the gut to boost mood and motivation, enhance mental performance, and provide the fuel and mindset you need for a highly productive day.

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