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Hey, guess what? It's time we chat about something super exciting – your glow-up. And no, I'm not just talking about trying out a new hairstyle or finally mastering that workout routine. I'm talking about a real, deep-down kind of transformation. The kind where you dial down the stress levels and crank up life's brightness till you're glowing from the inside out.

You know how we always have that one friend who means well but just can't stop talking? Yeah, that's cortisol for us. It's like it's always there, filling up our space, kind of like background noise we didn't sign up for.

But here's where we learn to gently say, "Hey, I need some me time." It's about finding that perfect balance where we feel all peppy and serene at the same time – and absolutely radiant.

And this is exactly where Happy Juice comes into play helping to balance our cortisol and find our happy place. It's not just the coolest, most refreshing drink you'll never want to miss. It's like the secret ingredient in our desire for emotional, mental, and physical wellness, always right there to make those tiny yet impactful changes right along with us.

Spilling the Tea on Happy Juice

  1. Cortisol’s Timeout: You know that chatterbox friend, cortisol, right? Well, Happy Juice is kinda like that gentle nudge saying, "Chill out, buddy." Every sip helps us hit that sweet spot of feeling both energized and calm. It's all about keeping those stress levels nicely balanced so we can feel peaceful and glow like the beautiful people we are.

  2. A Glass of Joy: Drinking Happy Juice isn't just about staying hydrated. It's more like nourishing your soul with each sip. It’s packed with all the good stuff that gives our mental wellness a big high-five. Every sip helps us be present, focused, more positive and to be able to enjoy the small joys – because, hey, it's those little moments that make life shine.

  3. Glow-Up Squad: Happy Juice is made with three supplements that mix in water to become a part of our daily self-care. Whether it's a mood boost, a reflective pause, or just a delicious way to stay hydrated, it works from the inside out to nourish and fortify our guts, mind, and heart for a glow that's all your own.

  4. Tiny Tweaks, Major Leaps: We're all about those little adjustments that stack up to big-time shifts in how we feel, right? Adding Happy Juice to our routine is one of those smart tweaks. It's there supporting us to lower stress, experience less tension, feel more motivated, increase our stress resilience, brighten our mood, balance our hormones, sleep more restfully, and keep our bodies feeling energized.

  5. Because You Totally Deserve It: At the end of the day, this is all about you deserving to feel amazing. We're here for the self-love, the effort, and yes, the sheer enjoyment of sipping on something fruity and delicious that boosts our well-being. But remember, Happy Juice isn’t just any drink; it’s a commitment to living our best, brightest lives.

Where Does the Glow Come From in Happy Juice?


This all-natural nootropic supports motivation, thanks to three synergistically powerful ingredients - Mango Leaf, Lychee Fruit, and Palm Fruit. These guys are all about supporting mental flow, body & mind endurance, and promoting neuron regeneration.


Say hello to your gut's new best friend. Packed with "happy" probiotics and prebiotics, MentaBiotics is all about balance. It supports lower cortisol levels while enhancing calmness, reducing anxiety, and boosting serotonin, GABA, and dopamine production.


Available in Original (Pomegranate Lime for activating energy) and Sugar-Free (Dragon Fruit for calming energy), both variants are delicious. They include the Amare Gut-Brain Axis (GBX) Proprietary Blend, delivering smooth, clear, clean, focused, and reliably awesome all-natural energy.

What's very reassuring is that Happy Juice is free from harmful chemicals and additives, is sustainably sourced, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. It's all about supporting your mood, motivation, mental performance, and overall health in the cleanest and most natural way possible.

Amare Quality Control

Are You Ready to Raise a Toast with Me?

Picture this – us, clinking our glasses filled with Happy Juice, toasting to every up, down, and twisty turn of this wild ride of life. It’s more than sipping on something healthy; it’s about celebrating the beautiful, sometimes messy, always incredible journey of transformation we’re on.

Every sip is a little nudge reminding us, “We’ve totally got this.” It’s about turning down the background noise, amping up the joy, and stepping into the spotlight of our own stories. It's about seeing yourself taking a walk and feeling motivated to do it! Honestly, I can’t imagine NOT sharing and experiencing this adventure with others.

Three glasses of Happy Juice flavors
Happy Juice comes in three flavors: Mango, Watermelon, or Grape

Where to Buy Happy Juice?

Ready to get started? Click the order button now and enjoy a welcome gift of $10 off your first order. Want to save even more? Opt for our Subscribe & Save option and enjoy an additional 10% off. You can cancel or modify your subscription at any time. Plus, join our VIP Happy Sippers Society to supercharge your Happy Juice journey, learn fun mocktails you can make with your happy juice (like you'll find in this guide), and be around people who desire to be happy. You can start sipping your way to a happier, more vibrant life today!

Here’s to us, to Happy Juice, and to a fabulous glow-up that’s just around the corner for you. Cheers, my friend, to becoming the radiant beings we were always meant to be!

I can't wait to welcome you on this Journey to Joy!

Embrace your best life.


Nelea R. Lane

a/k/a The Happy Juice Chick

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ladies hat hanging on chair

You Can Thrive in Direct Sales when Mental Wellness and Success Meet on your Behalf

Hey there! Ever felt like you were on a solo journey, trying to navigate the world of direct sales with nothing but a map that seems, well, a bit outdated? Or hanging your hat on a product that's no longer relevant? You're not alone. As a matter of fact, you're exactly where you need to be right now -- ready and willing to turn that page and move on to an answer that's better for you. Does that feel like where you are?

Why Would You Want to be Part of the Mental Wellness Movement in Direct Sales as an Affiliate or Brand Partner

  1. The Mental Wellness Company isn't just about direct sales; it's about making a real difference. With the mental wellness market booming and the universal desire for healthier minds growing, you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this transformative wave.

  2. Imagine helping others navigate their daily lives with less stress, negativity, and tension, guiding them towards happiness and health. This is what we offer—a chance to not only succeed in business but to contribute to a global shift towards mental wellness.

  3. Be a part of a mission that matters: helping others achieve optimal mental wellness with premium all-natural supplements.

Here’s What Being Part of Our Crew Looks Like

  1. Real Talk, Real Support: Imagine having a group of friends who are always there, cheering you on, sharing their own stories, and giving you the scoop on what really works. That’s us.

  2. Every Tool You Need, No Toolbox Required: From apps that don’t make you want to pull your hair out, to simple guides that actually make sense. We’ve got you covered, no tech headaches included.

  3. A Community That Gets It: Ever wanted a place where you can share your wins, ask for advice, or just vent about that one frustrating day? Welcome home.

  4. Resources that Help you Thrive and to Welcome Others In To: Access to MasterMind calls, leadership insights, testimonial groups, partner groups, product education and more. A community that nurtures both your professional growth and personal well-being. You're connected to community for inspiration and knowledge from ALL leaders in our organization.

4 women in colorful clothes
Your Amare Leadership Team: Diamond Kerry Perkinson, Gold Leader Nelea Lane (me), 1-Star Diamond Pam Otto, and Founder of the Pioneering Leaders, Presidential Diamond Sarah Hein

Making Your Mark, Your Way

  1. Your Business, Your Style: Whether you're all about social media, love hosting cozy meet-ups, or prefer one-on-one chats over coffee, we're here to help you do you, but better.

  2. Guided Business Launch: Whether you aim to build a team, cultivate a customer base, or both, our 20-day guided launch is your map to introducing your new business to the world. It's waiting for you!

  3. Benefits That Feel Like High Fives: Rewards that make a difference, commissions that cheer you on, and rewards that feel like a big ol’ pat on the back. Plus, winning luxury trips that have you saying, “Is this real life?”

Why This Opportunity Matters Now More Than Ever

You've probably noticed – everyone's talking about mental wellness these days. And for good reason. It's big, it's important, and frankly, it's about time. With us, you're stepping into a role where you can genuinely make folks' lives a bit brighter. And let's be honest, the world could use more of that sparkle right now. What's more? With it's mission, vision, and award-winning gut-brain-axis targeted products, Amare is experiencing growth month after month, year after year, and in five years has become "the" company to partner with in the direct sales industry.

The mental wellness market is expected to be more than $330B by 2027 and today is currently the 3rd largest category in the personal wellness space. -- Global Wellness Economy Monitor

What We Have Here

When people are experiencing negative emotions, stress, worry, tension, and irritability at record numbers, we give people hope, health, and happiness.

Giant sunflower in a field of sunflowers

So, What’s Next? Let’s Make It Happen

If you've been nodding along, thinking, “Yes, this is what I've been looking for,” then what are you waiting for? Let’s not make this another "I’ll think about it" moment. Dive in, reach out, and let’s start this adventure together. Because really, it’s about making every day a little better, for you and for everyone you’ll meet on this journey. This is a direct sales experience, as an affiliate marketer or brand partner, where you'll feel supported and deeply connected to a cause that matters. Today is the day to get started on this remarkable journey filled with promise, purpose, and profound satisfaction.

How I Started and How You Can Too

I started with a premium launch pack so that I could learn about and experience ALL the products for adults and children. They all came in one kit.

You can't go wrong starting with a Happy Juice pack either.

I can't wait to welcome you to Amare and to the team! Feel free to text me questions at 936-209-7222.

Cheers to health and happiness,


Nelea R. Lane

a/k/a The Happy Juice Chick

Available by Text: 936-209-7222

P.S. Save $10 on your first order.  Be sure to select the subscribe & save option to save an additional 10%. (You can modify and delete your order at any time -- envision the easy button.)

Happy Lifestyle Habits Quiz

Comfortable bedroom that invites peaceful sleep

One Woman's Journey to Restful Nights and Happier Days Using Our Wellness Products for Sleep

Today, I wanted to share a concern I hear about often -- SLEEP! A loyal customer shared her story earlier in the week and asked for advice. She said she's been experiencing some fantastic results with our Happy Juice, Mood+, and Sleep+ supplements. After months of battling severe insomnia and menopausal symptoms, she shared she's now sleeping better (without a prescription), feeling calmer, happier, and more energetic. Her hot flashes and night sweats are diminshing, and her sleep is improving, although that's not quite where she wants it to be yet.

So, let's take a look at the world of sleep. It's more than just closing your eyes and drifting off. It's a delicate dance involving a hormone called Melatonin (that responds to darkness), GABA (neuro-transmitter), cortisol, and inflammation. Imagine GABA as a soothing melody that helps us de-stress and lulls us into sleep, while melatonin gently leads us through the depths of quality sleep.

But what happens when cortisol and inflammation disrupt this little tango?

Tip #1 - A good night's sleep starts in the morning!

As a Certified Mental Wellness Coach, I recommend she keep drinking the Happy Juice and taking Mood+! It's what's helped with decreasing irritability, feelings of anxiousness, balancing hormones, and improving her mood. It's helping with mood, motivation, mental clarity, lifting brain fog. The duo is particularly helpful for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Tip #2 - Mentabiotics

Mentabiotics (which comes in the Happy Juice pack) can be taken one or more times a day. Packed with a specific probiotic strain, it boosts your body's production of GABA and lowers cortisol levels, helping you relax and prepare for sleep. I recommend she take Mentabiotics in the evening 30 minutes before bedtime. It can be mixed in water, an herbal tea, or a protein shake.

Tip #3 - Sleep+

By all means she should continue taking the sleep supplement that's already been helping her. Sleep+ is powered by corn grass that helps her body produce the just the right amount of melatonin for quality sleep. This product is what's helping her avoid using synthetic melatonin or a prescription drug that leaves her feeling groggy in the morning. She could even vary the routine with Kids Calm (our gummy version with similar active ingredients). The corn grass in these supplements ensures your body produces the right amount of melatonin for a good quality sleep.

"The combination of daytime fatigue/exhaustion and nighttime insomnia/restlessness sets off a vicious cycle in which stress makes it hard to relax and fall asleep—which then leads to more fatigue. And being more fatigued after a sleepless night makes it harder to deal with daily stressors, which then causes even more difficulty falling asleep the next night and the next night and the next after that in a repetitive cycle that ultimately ends in burnout." – S. Talbott on improving sleep quality

Tip #4 - Omegas: The Inflammation Busters

I also recommend adding our specialized Omegas to her nightly routine. Rich in fatty acids, they're fantastic for tackling inflammation.

Her New Sleep Routine

So, here's what her new routine looks like:

  1. Drink Happy Juice in the morning (without or without Mentabiotics).

  2. Take Mentabiotics 30 minutes before bed.

  3. Take OmMega 30 minutes before bed.

  4. Take 2 Sleep+ or Kids Calm when it's time to turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Kitchen counter with Happy Juice, Sleep+, and OmMega
Happy Juice, Sleep+ and OmMega for a good nights sleep

This routine harmonizes all that sleep biochemistry, ensuring she falls asleep, stays asleep, and wakes up feeling refreshed without the interference of cortisol imbalance and inflammation.

When you check out make sure Coupon Code 137603 is applied to your cart

Bonus Tip - Nighttime Nibbles for Better Sleep

If you often wake up in the middle of the night, it could be because your blood sugar levels are crashing. Our GBX Fit product, taken morning and evening, is usually celebrated as a weight loss aid, is also a fantastic blood sugar modulator. Take one two hours after your last meal or enjoying a small protein snack before bed can help keep your blood sugar stable overnight. My fave snacks are yogurt with a little bit of fruit, a light protein smoothie, or a small serving of crackers and cheese.

Ready to Get in the Sleep Groove with Melatonin and GABA

Does this sound like a routine you need in your life? These products have proven wonderfully effective for many people, and they could make a world of difference for you too! The longer you use them, the more cumulative benefits you'll experience. But you can rest assured you will appreciate the immediate benefits that you'll enjoy. And you'll have me to coach you through evaluating and adjusting your routine as needed for best results.

Keep in mind that you can save up to 50% on OmMega, and Sleep+ or Kids Calm when you bundle them with a Happy Juice pack.

When you check out make sure Coupon Code 137603 is applied to your cart

Here's to happy sleep! xoxo

Nelea R. Lane

a/k/a The Happy Juice Chick

Available by Text: 936-209-7222

P.S. Save $10 on your first order. Be sure to select the subscribe & save option to save an additional 10%. (You can modify and delete your order at any time -- envision the easy button.) Plus, if you order a watermelon or grape Happy Juice pack, add the code HAPPYGIFT to your order to get a free tumbler. (Super Cute.) Limit one per customer account and not offered with the Mango Happy Juice pack.

Happy Lifestyle Habits Quiz

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