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The Joy of Self-Care Walking: Mindful Moments in a World of Chaos

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

grey tennis shoe with green laces
Just me and my own brain taking a walk this morning. No songs or voices through ear buds. This could get interesting.

We always seem to be on the go, running from one thing to another, and barely having time to stop and breathe. It's easy to get caught up in the chaos of our daily lives and forget to take care of ourselves. That's why while being on a Happy Reboot journey, I'm focusing on self-care and moving my body a little more every day. I'm unplugging and reconnecting to more mindful moments. So today, I invite you to join me on a walk, without any distractions, and discover the joy of self-care walking.

Here's what I know: walking is not only a physical activity but also a great way to calm your mind and reduce stress. When we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to forget to take a break and disconnect from everything. That's why going for a walk can be a perfect way to connect with yourself and nature.

As you walk next time, focus on:

  1. 5 things you see

  2. 4 things your hear

  3. 3 things you feel

  4. 2 things you smell

  5. 1 thing taste

Self-care walking also helps us create mindful moments that can be a great way to reframe our thoughts and shift our mood. Walking allows us to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us, even in the smallest of things. You don't have to take long walks to experience the benefits of self-care walking. Even a quick ten-minute walk around the block can boost your mood and invigorate your mind.

Moreover, walking can also be an act of gratitude. We often take our health and bodies for granted. By going for a walk, we're showing gratitude for our bodies and the ability to move. It's essential to be thankful for the small things in life that we often overlook. Walking can be an act of mindfulness and gratitude all at once.

Walking also allows us to connect with our surroundings in a new way. We often forget to stop and appreciate the beauty around us but walking can be an excellent way to reconnect with nature. Observe the colors of the trees, the texture of the pavement, and the birds chirping around you. These small moments can bring immense joy and help you feel more connected to the world.

All in all, self-care walking is an act of mindfulness that can have tremendous benefits for our mental and physical health. It's an opportunity to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us, connect with nature, and show gratitude for our health and bodies. So, the next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, take a break, and go for a walk. You might be surprised at how much a few minutes of mindful walking can do for your mind and soul. Remember, mental wellness matters, and self-care walking is a great way to prioritize it.

This will ground you in a mental break from what your brain tells you that you should be doing, need to do, or failed to do. Striving to do these five things will help you create mindful moments -- even better if you journal them when you've finished your walk.


Nelea R. Lane, CMWC

a/k/a The Happy Juice Chick

Founder of Legacy Wellness Entrepreneurs

#selfcarewalking #reducestress

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