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A Happy Reboot is a Real Thing

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Mental Wellness Solutions
“Let your story go. Allow yourself to be present with who you are right now.” – Russ Kyle

Do you ever want a do-over after the holidays? All the stress accumulates in November and December like falling leaves blanketing the yard when the seasons change. Everything piles up and piles up. When January comes, you realize you didn't nearly enjoy all the moments you should have. If you're a person like me that knows the emotional struggles are coming, the traffic and hustle is unnerving, that you'll need all the energy and motivation you can get to accomplish your goals, and would rather avoid even one person asking, "why are you in such a bad mood," then I bet you'll understand when I say, "this has to stop!" Because I want to be present this year. Happy this year.

I am getting serious about leveling up my stress resilience, mood, and metabolism over the next couple of months. I'm doing it for me and I'm doing it for my family.

And I want to be kinder to my body as well. For one, I am anticipating building more muscle and saying goodbye to some more belly fat.

Give me an amen if you're with me on this: I’m not interested in restriction, dieting, over-exercising, or anything else unsustainable. I want to create some real healthy habits mentally, emotionally, and physically that I can embrace whole-heartedly.

That’s exactly why I’m focusing on just a few PROVEN ways to increase my mood and metabolism.

I plan on sharing my happy reboot journey with you because I know it will help keep me accountable AND I know I’m not alone in wanting to feel stronger, leaner, and more confident.

So … be honest … are you going to cheer me or cringe every time I update?


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