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Get Ready for 12 Days of Giftmas featuring Amare Products!

Are you ready to make this holiday season truly special? Do you believe in the power of holistic and natural wellness? If your answer is yes, then we have something amazing for you – 12 Days of Giftaways to support self-care, gut health, and mental wellness!

12 Days of Giftmas Invitation

Join the Giftmas Holiday Fun with Holistic and Natural Wellness Products

This online party starts December 8th and is all about celebrating the festive season with products that promote mental wellness, immune support, gut health, and more. We've curated a unique selection of Amare products that align with a 12 Days of Christmas theme to make this party fun and engaging. Here's a glimpse of what's to come.

12 Days of Giftmas Poem

Reasons not to miss 12 Days of Giftmas

  1. $800+ worth of prizes to be given away during 12 Days of Giftmas

  2. A chance to try Amare's natural, holistic wellness products the benefit gut health and support mental wellness

  3. Daily interactive posts with giftaways to boost your mood, energy, and focus

  4. Learn about the benefits of gut-brain connection and how to optimize it

  5. A VIP invitation to our private group for a more personalized experience

  6. Make new friends and network with like-minded people

How to Participate in 12 Days of Giftmas

  1. Complete the RSVP form to get your invitation to our private VIP group

  2. Join the group before December 7th and turn on post notifications

  3. Tune in every day for a new post, challenge, or giveaway

  4. Comment and engage with daily posts to be entered into the daily prize draw

  5. Be a current customer or friend of Nelea Lane, The Happy Juice Chick. No purchase required.

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays in a way that aligns with your values and lifestyle? We can't wait to welcome you in to our 12 Days of Giftmas featuring Amare products for self-care, gut health,and mental wellness.

This is an invitation for all those who want to celebrate the holidays with a focus on holistic and natural wellness. The 12 Days of Giftmas is a unique opportunity to learn about gut-health and mental wellness, win amazing prizes, and have fun! So, RSVP now and get ready for a fun-filled online party!

Together, let's make the most of the festive season and enter the New Year with improved health, positivity, and happiness!


This exclusive invitation is for customers and friends of Nelea Lane, the Happy Juice Chick, who do not have an Amare account with a different enroller. All team members of Legacy Wellness Entrepreneurs may participate and invite their customers and friends.

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