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Dance into Dreamland: Mastering the Rhythm of Sleep with Happy Juice and More

Comfortable bedroom that invites peaceful sleep

One Woman's Journey to Restful Nights and Happier Days Using Our Wellness Products for Sleep

Today, I wanted to share a concern I hear about often -- SLEEP! A loyal customer shared her story earlier in the week and asked for advice. She said she's been experiencing some fantastic results with our Happy Juice, Mood+, and Sleep+ supplements. After months of battling severe insomnia and menopausal symptoms, she shared she's now sleeping better (without a prescription), feeling calmer, happier, and more energetic. Her hot flashes and night sweats are diminshing, and her sleep is improving, although that's not quite where she wants it to be yet.

So, let's take a look at the world of sleep. It's more than just closing your eyes and drifting off. It's a delicate dance involving a hormone called Melatonin (that responds to darkness), GABA (neuro-transmitter), cortisol, and inflammation. Imagine GABA as a soothing melody that helps us de-stress and lulls us into sleep, while melatonin gently leads us through the depths of quality sleep.

But what happens when cortisol and inflammation disrupt this little tango?

Tip #1 - A good night's sleep starts in the morning!

As a Certified Mental Wellness Coach, I recommend she keep drinking the Happy Juice and taking Mood+! It's what's helped with decreasing irritability, feelings of anxiousness, balancing hormones, and improving her mood. It's helping with mood, motivation, mental clarity, lifting brain fog. The duo is particularly helpful for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

Tip #2 - Mentabiotics

Mentabiotics (which comes in the Happy Juice pack) can be taken one or more times a day. Packed with a specific probiotic strain, it boosts your body's production of GABA and lowers cortisol levels, helping you relax and prepare for sleep. I recommend she take Mentabiotics in the evening 30 minutes before bedtime. It can be mixed in water, an herbal tea, or a protein shake.

Tip #3 - Sleep+

By all means she should continue taking the sleep supplement that's already been helping her. Sleep+ is powered by corn grass that helps her body produce the just the right amount of melatonin for quality sleep. This product is what's helping her avoid using synthetic melatonin or a prescription drug that leaves her feeling groggy in the morning. She could even vary the routine with Kids Calm (our gummy version with similar active ingredients). The corn grass in these supplements ensures your body produces the right amount of melatonin for a good quality sleep.

"The combination of daytime fatigue/exhaustion and nighttime insomnia/restlessness sets off a vicious cycle in which stress makes it hard to relax and fall asleep—which then leads to more fatigue. And being more fatigued after a sleepless night makes it harder to deal with daily stressors, which then causes even more difficulty falling asleep the next night and the next night and the next after that in a repetitive cycle that ultimately ends in burnout." – S. Talbott on improving sleep quality

Tip #4 - Omegas: The Inflammation Busters

I also recommend adding our specialized Omegas to her nightly routine. Rich in fatty acids, they're fantastic for tackling inflammation.

Her New Sleep Routine

So, here's what her new routine looks like:

  1. Drink Happy Juice in the morning (without or without Mentabiotics).

  2. Take Mentabiotics 30 minutes before bed.

  3. Take OmMega 30 minutes before bed.

  4. Take 2 Sleep+ or Kids Calm when it's time to turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Kitchen counter with Happy Juice, Sleep+, and OmMega
Happy Juice, Sleep+ and OmMega for a good nights sleep

This routine harmonizes all that sleep biochemistry, ensuring she falls asleep, stays asleep, and wakes up feeling refreshed without the interference of cortisol imbalance and inflammation.

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Bonus Tip - Nighttime Nibbles for Better Sleep

If you often wake up in the middle of the night, it could be because your blood sugar levels are crashing. Our GBX Fit product, taken morning and evening, is usually celebrated as a weight loss aid, is also a fantastic blood sugar modulator. Take one two hours after your last meal or enjoying a small protein snack before bed can help keep your blood sugar stable overnight. My fave snacks are yogurt with a little bit of fruit, a light protein smoothie, or a small serving of crackers and cheese.

Ready to Get in the Sleep Groove with Melatonin and GABA

Does this sound like a routine you need in your life? These products have proven wonderfully effective for many people, and they could make a world of difference for you too! The longer you use them, the more cumulative benefits you'll experience. But you can rest assured you will appreciate the immediate benefits that you'll enjoy. And you'll have me to coach you through evaluating and adjusting your routine as needed for best results.

Keep in mind that you can save up to 50% on OmMega, and Sleep+ or Kids Calm when you bundle them with a Happy Juice pack.

When you check out make sure Coupon Code 137603 is applied to your cart

Here's to happy sleep! xoxo

Nelea R. Lane

a/k/a The Happy Juice Chick

Available by Text: 936-209-7222

P.S. Save $10 on your first order. Be sure to select the subscribe & save option to save an additional 10%. (You can modify and delete your order at any time -- envision the easy button.) Plus, if you order a watermelon or grape Happy Juice pack, add the code HAPPYGIFT to your order to get a free tumbler. (Super Cute.) Limit one per customer account and not offered with the Mango Happy Juice pack.

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