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Achieving Balanced Mental Wellness: The Importance of Mental Well-Being and Gut Health

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

When I tell people I'm a Certified Mental Wellness Coach who's all about gut health and nutrition, they often confuse mental wellness with mental illness. So, let me clear things up -- mental wellness and mental illness aren't the same thing, my friend and I do not treat or diagnose mental illnesses. However! I can help you flourish in a state of better mental well-being.

See, what I help women achieve is good mental health, which means feeling happy, more confident, less stressed, and less tired. We're all about taking care of ourselves, including our awesome microbiomes that support our overall well-being.

Here's the scoop -- good mental health can be challenged by all kinds of things, like how we think, behave, react, and the environment. But fear not! I've got a nifty quiz that'll give you some great news and set you off on a path to a balanced mental wellness customized for you.

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Now, about that good news -- you can achieve more balanced mental wellness by focusing on your mental well-being and gut health. These two factors are super important when it comes to your overall health. And in this blog post, we're gonna dive into all the juicy details, from the mental well-being scale to the role of gut health in keeping our minds happy and healthy.

How's Your Mental Well-Being?

Okay, so mental wellness can be affected by a bunch of stuff, like stress, sleep, hormones, neurotransmitters, and even the bacteria in our guts. The Happy Lifestyle Habits Quiz is a gem of tool that I recommend to measure stress levels, mental wellness, and biochemical balance indicators to give you an idea of where you're at.

You see, a high score means you're rocking that mental well-being and you want to maintain it, while a low score might mean there's room for improvement. And hey, mental well-being isn't just the absence of mental illness -- it's about having fulfilling relationships, a sense of purpose, and personal growth. So let's take care of our mental well-being and live our best lives!

Why Mental Wellness Matters

When I'm coaching a group or helping someone get started, this is where I always say, "listen up, folks!" Mental wellness is super important for a few reasons. First, it helps us handle life's challenges, like stress, anxiety, and the blues. Second, it actually improves our physical health because our mind and body are connected. Third, it helps us build better relationships with others, 'cause we're all about empathy, gratitude, and positive vibes. And finally, mental wellness is key to achieving our goals and finding true fulfillment in life.

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The "Buffet" of Mental Wellness

Get your pen and paper out. Picture mental wellness like a it's a buffet where you get to choose what challenges you'd like to overcome or improvements you'd like to see for yourself. It could be practicing mindfulness, getting active, feeling good about yourself, losing weight, reaching out for support, or doing things that make you happy. The options are endless! Be honest with yourself. Reach for the stars. But hey, sometimes we need a little guidance too with things we might not have thought of. And that's when we dig a little deeper into finding balance.

Finding Balance for Mental Wellness

Achieving balanced mental wellness means taking care of your mental health and making choices that support your well-being. It's about practicing self-care, setting boundaries, managing stress, seeking help when needed, nurturing positive relationships, catching enough zzz's, and eating a balanced diet. Remember, it's an everyday commitment if you want to live your happiest and most fulfilling life. (Head back to the "buffet" list and add on what you didn't think about earlier.)

What Can You Accomplish in 90 Days?

Attention, go-getters! If you're willing to jump right into action, you're going to appreciate the simple approach in this routine. I want to tell you about three of my absolute favorite gut health products that'll do wonders for your mental and overall wellness. They're all mixed together in water and taken most often in the morning for all-day awesomeness.

Fundamental Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Phytobiotics

First up in my mojo juice trifecta is the ultimate microbiome support. But that's not all -- it also has some serious mental wellness benefits. Say hello to reduced cortisol, more serotonin for a happier you, more dopamine for motivation, and more GABA for a zen-like state of relaxation. This product has been clinically proven to reduce irritability, boost "good" bacteria, and improve overall mood. Trust me, it's the good stuff and on a more serious note, studies and research confirms it can provide these benefits:

  1. 60% decrease in irritability scores

  2. 50% decrease in negative mood scores

  3. 50% Decrease in negative mood scores

  4. 49%reduction in overall distress

  5. 70% increase in "good” bacteria

  6. and helps improves overall mood by increasing positive mood by 211% and decreasing negative mood by 105%*

The Energy Stick

Next up is the game-changer for ditching fatigue. This little beauty will put some pep in your step and make you feel like you can conquer the world. No more dragging yourself through the day -- the Energy stick's got your back and helps increase mental awareness, physical energy and focus. (Feel free to enjoy more than one a day.)

The Edge

This is the one that boosts your brain power and helps improve your mood! It's a friend to your nervous system and foe for inflammation. Edge is a nootropic, made with natural ingredients and no stimulants. It's the perfect way to improve your mental performance, motivation, and boost your metabolism. Within 90 days you might notice a change in belly fat or the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles has improved.

Take Your Word For It

We are all different! Changes happen for everyone at different paces. However, when you start feeding your microbiome appropriately, getting better sleep, and reducing stress, miraculous things can happen.

When you order for the first time, I will send you a self-assessment checklist that you'll compare at the end of month one, two, and three. Some changes you'll notice immediately while others are cumulative. Relax and let the products work. They're backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

My clients swear by this trio! They get their mojo back and find they feel better, show up better, and sleep better. A good day leads to a good night, after all.

When you're at your best, everyone around you benefits too - your family, coworkers, and community.

You don't have to be stressed out, fatigued, and living without joy during the day -- every day -- on repeat. What if you could flip that around for yourself and help others around you do the same?

Where to Buy this Happy Juice?

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