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The All-Natural, Stimulant-Free Thermogenic is Here!

Thermogenic supplements are popular among athletes and bodybuilders as they are believed to help increase metabolism and aid fat burning. But what about the rest of us doing out best to look and feel better? Finding an all-natural thermogenic without stimulants has been impossible until now.

A new release that I am coaching on is called a Happy Fit Kit that helps anyone move toward being healthier and stronger. Paired with daily movement and a healthy lifestyle, this kit is specifically curated to support weight management and a healthy gut microbiome in a variety of ways. In addition to your choice of Digestive or Restore®, this kit includes the popular "Happy Juice" and the incredible stimulant-free duo of GBX Fit™ and GBX Burn™ to help you lose weight and keep it off.*

GBX Fit™

  • The world’s first QUADbiotic gut-brain axis product for weight loss support that supports fat release, improves gut health, reduces bloating and inflammation, and regulates appetitie and cravings. **

GBX Burn™

  • Increases your calorie burn and supports weight management with a clinically-studied, synergistic blend of natural herbs, spices and amino acids.* Supports healthy weight loss through the release of stored fat, often referred to as white fat.* GBX Burn supports fat burning before it's stored as brown fat (before you gain the weight!)*

Happy Juice™

  • Elevate your mood, crush your to-do list, and enjoy every minute of the day!*

Digestive® (or Restore)

  • Comprehensive blend of digestive enzymes supports normal digestive processes*

Restore® (or Digestive)

  • 5-in-1 daily digestive blend optimizes nutrient absorption, and relieves bloating.*

GBX Fit and GBX Burn work synergistically to help you control your weight and appetite with two different types of fat burning methods.†

The first 8-week Pilot Program has created some amazing results for people that needed a little extra help shedding fat while they ate a little cleaner, hydrated often, moved a little more, become more motivated, increased metabolism and energy, and experienced better sleep.

8-Week Before and Afters

Does this sound like something to help you finally get "over the hump" in your weight management goals? You're invited to join our VIP Pre-Launch and participate in our 90-day coached group challenge. As a VIP ordering by 01/31/23, I'll extend a $10 discount code and add a coupon to your cart that gives you an additional free GBX Fit and GBX Burn.

So many are doing all the right things they know to do: hydrating, eating healthier, exercising, trying to get better sleep. Yet, it can be a real struggle letting go of STUBBORN inches. I talk to many who are concerned with gut integrity, that muffin top (one called it "a tire" around the middle), inflammation, bloating, and their metabolism. If that's you, I'd really like to help! I'll be doing this with you everyday too!

Let me know if you're ready for a change or have more questions. But please, be ready to hop into our 90-day coached group if you're serious about real change. You might win a Peloton bike!

This is for you if you just want to curb your cravings, shed some weight (physically and mentally), or you want to improve muscle mass.


Nelea R. Lane, CMWC The Happy Juice Chick

Founder Legacy Wellness Entrepreneurs

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. †Weight loss results can vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee of specific results. Individuals can lose 1 to 2 pounds a week using Amare products and following the Move Eat Sleep Program. Thank you Happy Team for sharing Before & Afters.


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