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Is walking mental self-care?

Just me and my own brain taking a walk this morning. No songs or voices through ear buds. This could get interesting.

Getting in a good walk before the rain comes back this afternoon. And I'm going solo. No earbuds piping in music, or podcasts, or books. Just my own brain to keep me company. This could get interesting.

While on this Happy Reboot that I shared with you about yesterday, one goal is self-care and another is to move your body more than you did the day before. I thought today I'd combine the two. Want to give it a try? While walking, focus on:

5 things you see

4 things you hear

3 things you feel

2 things you smell

1 thing you taste

This will ground you in a mental break from what your brain tells you that you should be doing, need to do, or failed to do. Striving to do these five things will help you create mindful moments -- even better if you journal them when you've finished your walk.

I know that exercise is good for us. Firing up our metabolism doesn’t have to be all about killing ourselves with intense workouts. Self-care walking can also bring better mood, feelings of gratitude, and be invigorating for the mind.

Loving getting back to daily walks and seeing the difference in my energy levels. For the record, already had my happy juice and loving that energy boost.


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