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3-Day Pre-Launch

Think of your social media as your store front! We all enjoy shopping from a fresh new space, one that feels inspiring, helpful, and simple to browse and/or purchase at the end of our experience! That’s our goal with your social media!

Follow the steps, and learn from these tips, and you will be on your way to growing an engaged following! Social media is not always about numbers, it’s about CONNECTION!!

Step 1

Update your profile picture

Update your profile picture to a close up picture of just you so we can see your beautiful face (avoid group photos, pets, sunsets, etc). We want people to know YOU as soon as they come to your page!

Step 2

Change your settings to public

Check to make sure your settings are set to public for both your posts and comments, on all platforms you will be using, (FB, IG, or TikTok).

Step 3

Link your FB to your IG account

Time to link your social media accounts together, to get more eyes on your posts, and muliply your work withought taking up more of your day! To learn how to connect your platforms, watch this 3 minute video.

Step 4

Time to boost engagement

We are going to give you your first three days of engagement posts! After you finish these three, you will officially launch with your first Happy Juice post!

Have you ever wondered best times to post?  Try Between 8 am - 2:00 pm and

6 pm - 9 pm

Three Days of Pre-Launch Engagement



Day 1

Engagement posts create conversation and fun with your friends and followers. We are going to ask questions that boost your visibility. Remember to like and comment back to every comment. If applicable, pull some of those conversations over to DMs!


Day 2

Today we are going to create excitement that causes curiosity! Post using words or phrases that let your audience know change is taking place!


Day 3

Today we are bringing the FOMO and drawing eyes back to your post, stories, or reels from Day 1.

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